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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guild or not, that is the real question.

For those of you who are reading this and are nonwow people(oh the horror), guilds are like clubs. Clubs that you join, clubs with a clubhouse(guild bank and vent), clubs that are filled with drama. Is it possible to find a guild without drama? probably not. I see a lot of guilds advertising no drama as a selling point for joining but I have laugh to myself. Guilds are full of people and people, bless their pointed heads, are full of drama. So I have been in 4 guilds since I started playing. The first guild was just around 5 members and thier alts. When the 2 main members quit playing for several weeks, me and another friend of mine split and formed our own guild. After we got up in level, it became quite clear that we couldn't really advance much further by ourselves. So we left and he joined one guild, I joined another. I liked my new guild, they helped me a lot. However, they merged with another guild and suddenly I was transported back to high school and I was NOT one of the cool kids. Cliques and favoritism reared its ugly head almost immediately. So when I ran with a couple of people from another guild and enjoyed myself immensely, I was more than willing to leave that guild and move on to another guild. In this guild I had found a home. I thought. I love the people in this guild, they are funny, easy going and genuinely good people. I have advanced through the ranks quickly and easily. I am now an officer with almost unlimited access to all that I need. Yet, recently, I am dissatisfied. We don't do raids that often. And in this game, advancement and gear are gotten in raids. I am what I would call a fairly serious player. By that I mean I enjoy playing and I enjoy progression. So what is a druid to do? Should I stay with my family guild, all of whom I like and am liked by, or change to a new guild where I don't know anyone or have no pull. Ahhhh, the age old grass is greener question. I really already know the answer. I will stay. But damn I want some good gear. How's that for drama, lol.

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