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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NOOOOOOO or why i hate extended maintenance day.

It is almost 3pm and the server remains down. I was actually enjoying the midsummer festivities and looking forward to continuing today. I am thinking we are about to get a patch when we log on today.... another delay in being able to play. I just returned from vacation which included not playing WOW so I am feeling a bit like a heroin addict that relapsed and now I can't get a hold of my drug dealer for my next fix. We made several attempts on the blood princes last night, they were down to 25% the last one. We are going to lock the raid and see how that goes, to the dismay of some of the people who want to get their frost every week. I can see both sides of the issue. I want to progress though. I think. I just want to playyyyyy. (whine)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Say what?

So last night while we were rezzing from one of our 12 (yes, count them 12 deaths) in TOGC, one of our guildies who is a main raid healer for our ICC 10 man on Friday nights, types in guild chat. "just wanted to let you know I will be selling my account". Huh? What? Why? This is why I hate people in general. They make no sense to me. It seems she has decided to go horde and level some more toons from the start. The trouble with that is that she rocks as a healer. People are such freaks. WTF are you supposed to say to that? How do you deal with psychotics? psffft.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Secret confession

I am tired of raiding. There...I said it out loud. I don't want to quit it all together but I wouldn't mind about a week off, not raiding, but just running around doing silly, easy fun stuff. I feel the need to just go back to places I haven't been since I leveled and just look around. It is wierd knowing that these places are slated to look so very different with the expansion. I feel nostalgic about some places I never even went to in the first place. I decided not to worry about all the achievements and crap that seems to fuel every one's game play these days. I don't want WOW to feel like a job. Do you ever just wanna transfer servers and just disappear? I fantasize about it a lot. I have also been thinking about getting another account so that I can transfer one of my eighties and power level my toons on follow. Then the feeling goes away, lol. (beware of following rant) To the person who keeps undercutting the only object I can create and make a little money on with engineering....S t o p i t. If you don't I will hunt you down and sic my newly tamed exotic earthworm named Fishbait on you and you know you do not want to be covered with Bestial Wrath enhanced acid spit. On a more personal note, instead of getting a 2nd account I actually purchased a old but drivable, paid for 4 door Nissan maxima. I mean I could have gotten the 2nd account and the cool two seater shark mount rocket thingy but I chose the one I could ride around in outside of Northrend....even if the power window on the passenger side's "power" comes from my hands. Well, off to check if the realm is up from maintenance, fully expecting a patch any day now.