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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hardee har har

Well I fooled myself. I said I would stay. But here I am with a decision to leave already made. It is so uncharacteristic of me. to make a decision that easily that is. Usually I agonize for days, talk it out to myself, friends, strangers, anyone who will listen to me. This time I just did it. I am leaving my guild. I got a invitation to join a 10 man core ICC team. They would probably tolerate me not being in the guild but I wouldn't want to take the gear. and I really want the gear. As the GM of the new guild said about me leaving, "They will get over it." Both in WOW and in real life you can take that philosophy to the bank. No matter how important you may think you are, in any situation, people will get over you leaving. I feel as if I have reached a milestone in my life. For once I can just leave and not look back. I have no idea if I am going into a bad situation or a good one but I know I can just do this without all of the guilty baggage I generate normally. This feels big. really really big.

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