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Monday, May 23, 2011

BAD BAD Blogger

Well, I could apologize but I am a horrible blogger. I am working on rogue atm, named Nuadrina. I still remain in the guild, Who do I trust, although lately the only thing that keeps me there is the guild level of 24. We have been casually raiding. Since Cataclysm I have not healed on my druid. Instead I am specced feral/feral, with one for pve and one for pvp. My dps is acceptable and not to terribly stressful. I am not logging as many hours on WOW as I did. Even though I have the time, I just find myself not playing. Leveling is okay until you hit Outland and then it is the same old quests over and over again. I am going to have to find something that is exciting or my enthusiasm will fade for this game. I find pvp to be the only thing that motivates me on somedays. Hope everyone is having fun. I still love WOW, just need a break sometimes.

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