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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well this blog has been sadly neglected. So much has happened lately. Trying to get ready for Cata and what not. RL in particular has been tough and interesting lately. I reread some old posts and realized I left you with the impression that I didn't like my guild. I like them very much. We got the Kingslayer title on August 10, 2010. This was an event that made me cry. We worked very very hard and the level of committment that it required was insane. But so totally worth it. I have a priest that is level 68 that I am working on to get to 80 before December 7th, when Cata comes out. I need to upgrade my computer before then but Allan needs a computer also so I am not sure how that will play out. I had two arena teams and we enjoyed the play very much. Will be interesting to see how the rated battlegrounds work out. I have struggled with boredom within the game lately. I figure when it becomes like a job then I need a break. Speaking of jobs...I need one. My five year old says I have a job taking care of her and she is right but the pay of wet, sticky kisses and spontaneous hugs, while wonderful, are not a viable unit of currency for the electric company. That being said, I would not trade one marvelous moment of time with her for all the money in the world. Somethings I need to do in the next month...finish Nuadia's exploration, this can be said for Nuadii also. Raise my rep with Timbermaw, Frenzyheart, and maybe and ambitious Centurian Circle also. Nuadii needs her rep raised with the Consortium and I would like to me exalted with the Kureni for the Talbut mounts on both my toons also.

OH, I almost forgot. Finally, after 4000+ fish I have the turtle mount...Yay for me.

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